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Image to the right:

A mural (the banner in the middle of the photo) painted in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, MI on Portage Avenue across from the Soo Locks Visitor's Center.

61 Photos from a trip to the Soo from October 9-12, 2002.

(Click on a description to see the photo)

This photo gallery will be presented in chronological order
(rather than alphabetical order by ship name)

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Featured ships:

Oct. 9:

Paul R. Tregurtha - downbound off Sherman Park in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Yankcanuck - in lay-up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Reserve - upbound after leaving the Poe Lock (shot through chain link fence)
Middletown - downbound off Sherman Park
Middletown - view of her bow off Sherman Park
Middletown - downbound off West Pier as night falls
Middletown - Close-up off West Pier

Oct. 10:

Chief Shingwauk - Lock Tours Canada tourboat upbound in the Soo's MacArthur Lock
Adam E. Cornelius - downbound in Poe Lock Approach
Federal Rhine - downbound in the Soo's Poe Lock
George A. Stinson - the 1004-ft.-long ship is next downbound in the Poe Lock approach
Algobay passes George A. Stinson - on her way toward the MacArthur Lock

Algobay - downbound entering the MacArthur Lock
Presque Isle - upbound in the Poe Lock approach
George A. Stinson & Presque Isle - downbound Stinson prepares to pass upbound Presque Isle
George A. Stinson & Presque Isle - we "Boatnerds" refer to this as a "footer dance"
George A. Stinson & Presque Isle - ...this dance has ended

Edgar B. Speer - is next in line upbound in Poe approach
Edgar B. Speer & cColumbus - the 1004-ft.-long Speer passes German Cruise ship cColumbus
cColumbus - at dock in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Edgar B. Speer - another view in the Poe Lock approach
Vandoc - being scrapped in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - all that remains is her forward half

Oakglen - classic straight-decker upbound at Mission Point
Oakglen - stern view passing Mission Point
Oakglen - upbound entering the MacArthur Lock
Chief Wawatam/Avenger IV - former carferry is now a barge - upbound at Mission Point
Avenger IV - close-up of Purvis Marine tug that pushes the Chief Wawatam

Marinette - saltie upbound at Mission Point
Armco - downbound at Mission Point
Armco - close-up of bow as she passes Mission Point
Armco - stern view after passing Mission Point
Marinette - being assisted into the MacArthur Lock by a tug
cColumbus - German Cruise Ship backs out into Lower St. Mary's River

Oct. 11:

Federal Fuji - saltie downbound in MacArthur Lock
Roger Blough - prepares to enter the Poe Lock upbound
Joseph L. Block - upbound heading for the Poe Lock approach
Federal Fuji & Joseph L. Block - saltie passes upbound Block after leaving MacArthur Lock
Federal Fuji - stern view close-up after leaving MacArthur Lock

Joseph L. Block - upbound in the Poe Lock approach
Sarah Spencer - tug/barge upbound preparing to enter MacArthur Lock
Sarah Spencer - old-style telescoping hatch covers
Sarah Spencer - tug Jane Anne IV in the barge's notch
Sarah Spencer - stern shot of tug/barge in MacArthur Lock

Sarah Spencer & Joseph L. Block - deckhouses of the two upbound vessels in the locks
Sarah Spencer - ready to leave the MacArthur Lock upbound
Joseph L. Block - heads upbound under International Bridge
Jane Anne IV - lifering aboard the tug Jane Anne IV
St. Clair - upbound passing Mission Point

J.A.W. Iglehart - downbound cement carrier enters MacArthur Lock
J.A.W. Iglehart & St. Clair - deckhouses of the two vessels in the locks
J.A.W. Iglehart - downbound at Mission Point
J.A.W. Iglehart - stern shot downbound below Mission Point
Quedoc - awaits her fate (scrap or ???) at Purvis Marine

Quedoc & Vandoc - the Vandoc is already half-scrapped, will the Quedoc be next?
Sewell Avery - hull of the former ship serves as a dock at Algoma Steel
International Bridge - spanning the Canadian side of the St. Mary's River
Federal Maas - saltie upbound at Mission Point
Federal Maas - stern view at Mission Point

Canadian Enterprise - upbound at Mission Point
CSL Tadoussac & Kapitonas Andzejauskas - upbound below Mission Point
CSL Tadoussac - upbound at Mission Point near nightfall
CSL Tadoussac - close-up of bow at Mission Point
CSL Tadoussac - close-up with web site toward her stern
Kapitonas Andzejauskas - Upbound below Mission Point as evening settles in

Oct. 12:

Reserve - downbound in Poe Lock with train on bridge in background
Reserve - downbound in the Poe Lock just before I left for home

...and for you Nature Lovers...

Three Ducks - downbound at Mission Point