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28 Photos Taken on Friday June 29, 2001 ("Engineers' Day")
at the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Featured ships:
Algosteel, Alpena, Buckeye, Canadian Venture, Edwin H. Gott, Joseph L. Block (at Escanaba), Mantadoc, Oakglen, Roger Blough

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For those of you who would rather view the individual photos (listed chronologically),
instead of all photos as a "Slide Show", Click Here

Engineers Day 2001

Friday June 29, 2001

click to view

Canadian Venture - - ->
Edwin H. Gott - - ->
Roger Blough - - ->

Engineer's Day 2001 Photos:

Mantadoc - The 608-foot-long Mantadoc is the first Visitor as Engineers Day festivities begin Friday morning
Algosteel - leaves Algoma Steel Plant - this shot was taken from about 1-mile away
Alpena & Oakglen - The Alpena at left and Oakglen at right are next in line
Oakglen & Alpena - The Oakglen heads into the Poe Lock while the Alpena lines up for the MacArthur Lock with the International Bridge in the background
Oakglen - A crowd gathers as the 715-foot-long Oakglen enters the Poe Lock

Alpena - approaches the MacArthur Lock against a backdrop of the International Bridge
Oakglen - The crowd looks on as the Oakglen is lowered in the Poe Lock
Alpena - The 520-foot-long cement carrier Alpena draws its own admirers
Alpena - More boatwatchers head over to watch the Alpena
Oakglen & Buckeye - The Oakglen departs the Poe Lock and passes the upbound Buckeye

Alpena - is lowered in the MacArthur Lock
Buckeye - The 698-foot-long Buckeye prepares to enter the Poe Lock
Buckeye - leaves the Poe Lock headed towards Lake Superior
Canadian Venture - Next in line is the straight-decker Canadian Venture
Canadian Venture - The 730-foot-long Canadian Venture approaches the MacArthur Lock

Canadian Venture - looms over the crew-member handling her lines
Canadian Venture - proceeds into the MacArthur Lock
Canadian Venture - A view only available on the last Friday in June each year...Engineers Day
Edwin H. Gott - The 1004-foot-long Edwin H. Gott approaches Mission Point
Edwin H. Gott - passes boatwatchers at Mission Point

Roger Blough - The 858-foot-long Roger Blough heads toward Mission Point
Roger Blough - uses a 40-foot shuttle boom, which is housed toward the rear of the ship, for unloading its cargo
Roger Blough - upbound at "The Mission"
My Car - Leaving my favorite boatwatching grounds...Mission Point, my car turns 100,000 miles one way to get that new-car-look
Roger Blough - My last photo at the Soo for this trip - Roger Blough near the Valley Camp Museum Ship

Steam Engine - A Soo Line 4-6-2 Pacific-type steam locomotive on display along US-2 at Gladstone, MI - this type of engine was used mainly for Passenger Service
Joseph L. Block - One last surprise on this trip was finding the Joseph L. Block loading taconite pellets at Escanaba, MI around 9 p.m. on Friday night
Soo Locks - Aerial photo of the Soo Locks that hangs in the Soo Locks Visitors Center