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44 Photos Taken on Thursday June 27, 2001 (The day before "Engineer's Day")
at the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Featured ships:

Algomarine, Algosteel, Arcadia, Armco, Charles M. Beeghly, James R. Barker, John G. Munson, Oglebay Norton, Saginaw, St. Clair, Stewart J. Cort, Windoc

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<- - - Windoc
<- - - Stewart J. Cort

Pre-Engineer's Day 2001 Photos:

Arcadia - the Greek Passenge Liner at the Carbide Dock in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Arcadia - another view of the Arcadia
Oglebay Norton - the 1000-ft.-long ship below Mission Point
Oglebay Norton - her massive bow pushes a fair amount of water ahead of her
Oglebay Norton - passing boatwatchers at Mission Point

Oglebay Norton - shows off her 1000-foot length in the lower St. Marys River
Windoc - her ornate deckhouse frames the St. Clair in the background
Windoc - the 730-ft.-long Windoc in the MacArthur Lock
Windoc - the hatch crane is used to lift the hatch covers over the cargo holds
Windoc - departs the MacArthur Lock heading up to Lake Superior

St. Clair - the 770-ft.-long ship waits below the Poe Lock
Armco - the 767-ft.-long ship prepares to depart the Poe Lock
Stewart J. Cort - the very first 1000-footer built got use on the Great Lakes at West Pier
Stewart J. Cort & Armco - two ships pass at West Pier
Stewart J. Cort - another view of the Cort with the Armco behind her

Chief Shingwauk & Stewart J. Cort - Lock Tours Canada tour boat moves in for a closer look at the Cort
Stewart J. Cort - waits under the International Bridge
John G. Munson - the 768-ft.-long ship waits below the Poe lock
St. Clair & Stewart J. Cort - the upbound St. Clair passes the Cort under the International Bridge
Stewart J. Cort - enters the poe Lock

Stewart J. Cort - her nameboards are original equipment after almost 30 years
Algosteel - the 730-ft.-long ship in the MacArthur Lock
Valley Camp - the stack of the Museum Ship
Arcadia - passenger liner at dock with Soo Locks Tour Boats in the background
Stewart J. Cort & John G. Munson - looking past the rudder of the Valley Camp the Cort passes the upbound Munson

Stewart J. Cort & John G. Munson - two ships passing in the lower St. Marys River
Stewart J. Cort - approaches downbound at Mission Point
Stewart J. Cort - at Mission Point
Stewart J. Cort - passes boatwatchers at Mission Point
Stewart J. Cort - downbound past Mission Point

Saginaw - The 639-ft.-long ship makes a rare appearance at the Soo - entering the MacArthur Lock
James R. Barker - the 1004-ft.-long ship appears out of the bright sunshine above the Soo Locks
John G. Munson & James R. Barker - the upbound Munson prepares to pass the Barker
Saginaw - ready to depart the MacArthur Lock on her way to a Lake Superior port
James R. Barker - downbound at Mission Point

James R. Barker - downbound past Mission Point
James R. Barker & Charles M. Beeghly - two fleetmates meet below Mission Point
Charles M. Beeghly - the 806-ft.-long ship at Mission Point
Charles M. Beeghly - stern shot at Mission Point
Charles M. Beeghly - approaches the Poe Lock

Lighted Fountain - a beautiful sight at the Soo Locks Park
Lighted Fountain - cycles through many colors before reaching my favorite...
Lighted Fountain - continues to strut its stuff...
Algomarine - early Friday morning downbound at Mission Point