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Come along with me on a chronological photo tour of the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, MI from Thursday, June 27 to Saturday, June 29, 2002 - including Engineers Day, June 28 (51 Photos)

Featured ships:

Armco, Avenger IV, Buckeye, Burns Harbor, Cambrian, Canadian Leader, Canadian Transport, Cason J. Callaway, Chief Shingwauk, Courtney Burton, Edwin H. Gott, Federal Welland, George A. Stinson, Gerald D. Neville, H. Lee White, KAM, Mink Isle, John G. Munson, Joseph L. Block, Quedoc, Regina Oldendorff, Reliance, Reserve, Stewart J. Cort, Vandoc, Veerseborg, Ziemia Gniezneinska

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For those of you who would rather view the individual photos (listed chronologically),
instead of all photos as a "Slide Show", Click Here

Engineers Day 2002

click to view

Burns Harbor - - ->
Stewart J. Cort - - ->
"Footer Dance" - - ->

Engineer's Day 2002 Photos:

Quedoc - On Thursday afternoon the Quedoc arrives in the Soo after being towed from Thunder Bay to await an uncertain future
Avenger IV - The Purvis Marine tug approaches the MacArthur Lock after dropping off the Quedoc at Algoma Steel (Federal Welland in the background)
Federal Welland - passes Mission Point
Burns Harbor - The first 1000-footer of the trip approaches Mission Point
Burns Harbor - passes a rock pile at Mission Point

Burns Harbor - waits her turn in the Poe Lock
George A. Stinson & Burns Harbor - This is called a Footer Dance - The 1004-ft.-long Stinson passes the waiting 1000-ft.-long Burns Harbor below the Poe Lock
George A. Stinson & Burns Harbor - ... The Dance continues
George A. Stinson - George A. Stinson at Mission Point
George A. Stinson & Edwin H. Gott - The 1004-ft.-long Gott passes the downbound 1004-ft.-long Stinson at Mission Point
Gerald D. Neville - Tug downbound at Mission Point

Edwin H. Gott - at Mission Point
George A. Stinson & Ziemia Gnieznienska - Down past Mission Point the Stinson meets the Polish salt-water vessel Ziemia Gnieznienska
Lee A. Tregurtha - Early Friday morning in the Upper St. Marys River - shot from Ashmun Boat Launch
Buckeye - Ahhh....our first visitor as Engineers Day festivities are about to begin - the Buckeye approaches the MacArthur Lock
Stewart J. Cort - Our first 1000-footer of Engineers Day 2002 is the first 1000-footer ever built for Great Lakes service

Cason J. Callaway - appears behind the Stewart J. Cort to await the Poe lock
Stewart J. Cort - The shot that I have waited years for...face-to-face with the Cort!
Stewart J. Cort - A cropped bow shot of the Cort
Stewart J. Cort - A crowd marvels at the size of the Cort
Stewart J. Cort - has been lowered 21-feet and is ready to depart the Poe Lock
Stewart J. Cort - Hey, I said I had waited a long time for these shots of the Cort :o) - here it leaves the Poe Lock downbound in the St. Marys River

Cason J. Callaway - The 767-ft.-long Callaway gets its turn in the Poe Lock
Canadian Transport - Meanwhile, the 730-ft.-long Canadian Transport gets its turn in the MacArthur Lock
Canadian Transport - is most of the way into the MacArthur Lock
Canadian Transport - Bow view in the MacArthur Lock
Reserve - The 767-ft.-long Reserve awaits the Poe Lock

Courtney Burton - passing us at Mission Point
Courtney Burton - Close-up of the Burton's bow
Canadian Leader - in the Upper St. Marys River at West Pier
Canadian Leader - being lowered in the Poe Lock
Canadian Leader - leaves the Poe Lock on her trip down the Lakes after being lowered 21-feet

Veerseborg - The little 434-ft.-long saltie heads into the MacArthur Lock
Veerseborg - There is a lot of room for the Veerseborg in the MacArthur Lock
John G. Munson - After the Engineers Day festivities wrap-up, the Munson heads up to Mission Point
John G. Munson - passing Mission Point
Armco - Still on Friday, the Armco passes us downbound at Mission Point

Regina Oldendorff - On Saturday morning the saltie enters the Poe Lock
Joseph L. Block - gets its turn in the Poe Lock after the Oldendorff departs
Surprise Visitor - at Mission Point...
Mink Isle - The tug is all dressed up for the Great Tug Boat Race on Saturday at the Soo
Cambrian - This tug is also decked out in full regalia for the race

Chief Shingwauk - Lock Tours Canada tour boat passes a fountain in the lower St. Marys River - Hey, John, don't get the passengers wet :o)!
Reliance - Purvis Marine's newly re-named tug prepares for the tug boat race
Misc. Tugs - Some of the tugs gathered for the race
KAM - The colorful tug awaits the start of the race
Avenger IV - After working for the past few days on the Quedoc tow, the Avenger IV dresses up for the tug boat race

Whitefish Bay - Tug in the Lower St. Marys River on the day of the race
H. Lee White - passes West Pier on her way to the Soo Locks
H. Lee White - Having passed through the Soo Locks, the White appears at Mission Point
Quedoc - As I prepare to head home, I stop for one last look at the doomed ship
Vandoc - ...and just a little further upstream, another ready-to-be-scrapped ship awaits her demise
Vandoc & Quedoc - One last look at two once-proud ships awaiting their destinies