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Image to the right:

A busy day at Mission Point - the downbound Atlantic Erie meets the upbound Buckeye and Elton Hoyt 2nd.

Here are 39 photos from a trip to the Soo Locks from May 24 to May 25, 2000. This was my first trip to the Soo since getting my digital camera in January 2000. These photos were originally posted on one of my alternate photo sites.

(Click on a description to see the photo)

This photo gallery will be presented in chronological order
(rather than alphabetical order by ship name)

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Ships Featured On This Page:

Algonova, Armco, Atlantic Erie, Buckeye, Burns Harbor, USS Defender, Louis R. Desmarais, Elton Hoyt 2nd, Indiana Harbor, Herbert C. Jackson, Erika Kobasic, Walter J. McCarthy, Jr., Oakglen, Ojibway, Presque Isle, Sault Au Cochon, St. Clair, Sugar Islander

Herbert C. Jackson - Downbound in the MacArthur Lock
Sault Au Cochon - Barge being pushed by McKeil Marine's tug, Escort Protector, in the Poe Lock approach
Armco - Bow view as it heads past the Sault Au Cochon to the Poe Lock
Armco - Full view as it heads for the Poe Lock
Sault Au Cochon - ends up in the MacArthur Lock!

USS Defender - On display at the Carbide Dock
Louis R. Desmarais - Downbound in the Upper Poe Lock Approach
Louis R. Desmarais - Downbound at Mission Point
Louis R. Desmarais - Another view passing Mission Point
3 Ships below Mission Point - The Buckeye, Elton Hoyt 2nd and a saltie are all upbound

Atlantic Erie - Downbound later in the day at Mission Point
...And Then There Were 4 - Downbound Atlantic Erie prepares to meet the upbound Buckeye, Elton Hoyt 2nd and an unknown saltie
Atlantic Erie - passes the Buckeye and prepares to pass the Elton Hoyt 2nd
Buckeye - Close-up upbound at Mission Point
Atlantic Erie - passes the Elton Hoyt 2nd with unknown saltie in background

Buckeye - Stern view passing Mission Point
Elton Hoyt 2nd - upbound below Mission Point with Atlantic Erie and unknown saltie in background
Elton Hoyt 2nd - Close-up view at Mission Point
Atlantic Erie - passes upbound unknown saltie below Mission Point
St. Clair - Downbound in Lower St. Marys River

Algonova - unloads in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Sugar Island Ferry - runs between Mission Point and Sugar Island about twice each hour
St. Clair - Downbound at Mission Point
Indiana Harbor - Downbound in the Poe lock
Indiana Harbor - Partially lowered in the Poe lock

Indiana Harbor - departs the Poe Lock downbound
Oakglen - Downbound in the MacArthur Lock
Erika Kobasic - docked at Mission Point
Walter J. McCarthy - Downbound in Upper Poe Lock Approach
Walter J. McCarthy - Downbound in the Poe Lock

Presque Isle - Downbound in Upper Poe Lock approach as darkness falls
Burns Harbor - is next downbounder in the Upper Poe Lock approach
Yick Hua - Upbound saltie enters the MacArthur Lock
Yick Hua - Upbound saltie passes the downbound Burns Harbor
Presque Isle - Downbound in Lower St. Marys River with sun glinting off a building
Soo Sunset - A beautiful one on this night

Vessels Due Board - In the Soo Locks Visitor's Center behind the Information Desk (updated about every 2 hours) shows which vessels are expected throughout the day (this one is from May 25)
Ojibway - Hoists supplies on/off the downbound Presque Isle
Lighted Fountain - My favorite spot at night on the grounds of the Soo Locks