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Mystery of the wooden anchors and windlass at Menominee Marina solved! Click Here

New "Menominee & Marinette Parks & Things" page Added on April 28, 2009

Ice shoves in the bay of Green Bay off Menominee during late March 2011. Click here to see the photos

Newest photos are at the bottom of the page - Click Here To Go There

The Edwin H. Gott made a great sight gliding through the ice as it headed up the bay of Green Bay abreast of Menominee, MI around 6 PM on March 25, 2011 (the ship is over 10 miles offshore from Menominee). The ship was testing out its new engines, which were installed at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, WI over the winter lay-up period. The ship continued up the bay and through "Death's Door" (at the tip of Door County) and then headed down Lake Michigan, where they could have headed back to Bay Shipbuilding through the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal had there been any problems . Since they then headed back up Lake Michigan and through the Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, MI a couple days later heading for Two Harbors, MN to take on its first load (taconite) of the season, the new engines must be working just fine.

Here is an interesting signpost found along Old Peshtigo Road near Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Make of it what you will!!

In Memorium

Our beautiful Mute Swan, "Homer", was killed in 2007 by the Wisconsin DNR.

This winter just hasn't seemed "right"! As part of a 2002 Wisconsin DNR directive to rid the state of all "non-indigenous" species, our precious swan was shot to death on Sept. 22, 2007. I will miss you old friend!! The following is from The Peshtigo Times newspaper and re-printed with their permission:

Letter to Editor:

On Sunday, Sept. 23, several hunters witnessed a DNR warden, in a motor boat, chasing a mute swan on Lake Noquebay and shoot it several times until it was dead. Yes, it was a warden because he had just checked their licenses and they watched him motor out towards the swan. One hunter said that it was “gruesome” because either the warden was a bad shot at close range or the gun he had was inadequate.

My daughter called local DNR office and was told that this was part of the eradication of exotic species program.

In 2002, our DNR created a new policy to remove all free-flying mute swans from Wisconsin. I understand the need to limit the mute swan growth and range expansion as supported by the US Fish and Wildlife Services, but I don’t understand the need to eliminate the mute swan population, especially this one swan. If the warden knew anything about this particular swan, he’d know that this bird has not had a mate in over seven years and that he lives on the lake, or below the dam (in the Menominee River - added by webmaster) in open water during the winter. To the best of my knowledge, this was the only swan on the lake.

Many of us who live on the lake question the need for this warden’s action and the possible inhumane way it was carried out. I’ve tried to believe that the DNR is acting in nature’s best interest, but this event has totally shattered my trust in the DNR’s policies and procedures.

Sally Lensink,


NEW #1 - - Click Here for a new slideshow of scenery around Menominee, MI and Marinette, WI. - - NEW!

Added on December 28, 2007 - These 61 images are mostly images new to this page and contain photos of fall colors, storm photos, Christmas displays and more

NEW #2 - - Click Here for a new slideshow of winter scenery. - - NEW!

Added on January 12 & 13, 2008 - These 44 images are of winter scenery around Marinette, WI after a snowstorm.

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This Gallery contains photos of mixed content - birds, trains, bridges, scale model ships and more. The next slide show ("Miscellaneous General Photos") contains just 50 photos, but there are many more photos here.

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Miscellaneous General Photos

General Photo Album

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See sample photos below...

Arch Rock on Mackinac Island

General Photo Gallery:

Newest photos are at the bottom of the page -
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NEW - - -> A small section of Scale Model Ship Photos - Click Here To Go There

Bear Butt Bar & Grill - A quaint little eatery at Eckerman, MI One mile north of M-28 on HWY 123

Sunrise over the bay of Green Bay in Menominee, MI
Baby Geese near River Park in Menominee, MI
The same baby geese JUST 6 DAYS later
Young geese near the Menominee River in Menominee, MI
Hungry Goose - What happened to our lunch

Two Ducks - Mr. and Mrs. Duck
Blue Heron at Red Arrow Park boat launch in Marinette, WI
Egret in the same location as the heron
A fawn peeks out from behind a tree in Marinette , WI
Arch Rock - A famous landmark on Mackinac Island, MI

Arch Rock - Another view from Mackinac Island
Horse Drawn Carriage - No cars are allowed on Mackinac Island. Here is the elegant Grand Hotel carriage
Grand Hotel - The entrance to The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island
Grand Hotel boasts the longest porch in the world
Grand Hotel The ornate carpeting inside The Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel - The elegant main dining room
Cut River Bridge on highway US-2 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Cut River Bridge - A view from beneath
International Bridge connects Sault Ste. Marie, MI with Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada
International Bridge - A closer look at the U.S. portion of the bridge

Michigan Street Bridge - The ornate bridge in Sturgeon Bay, WI
Escanaba RR Bridge over the Escanaba River in Escanaba, MI
Escanaba RR Bridge - Only piers remain from an old bridge
Escanaba RR Bridge over the Escanaba River with the remains of the old highway bridge
Escanaba RR Bridge - Close-up of remains of old highway bridge

Soo RR Bridge over the upper St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie, MI connects the two Soos
Railfan Train in Marinette, WI on May 7, 2000
Passenger Car - One of the Algoma Central passenger cars on the railfan train
Domed Passenger Car - An Algoma Central domed passenger car on the railfan train
C&NW Observation Car - framed by the old depot in Green Bay, WI

UP Engine in Green Bay, WI
E&LS Switch Engine - This old switch engine of the Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad still serves Menominee, MI and Marinette, WI
Wisconsin Central Engine in its former Chicago & Northwestern Railway colors in Menominee, MI
Wisconsin Central Engine - Another Wisconsin Central engine in Chicago & Northwestern colors along the truck route in Menominee, MI
Escanaba Ore Facility - The taconite pellet loading facility in Escanaba, MI

Studebaker's Restaurant & Lounge in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Lighthouse Sunrise - at the North Pier Lighthouse in Menominee, MI
Lighthouse Sunrise - Another view from North Pier Lighthouse in Menominee, MI
North Pier Lighthouse in Menominee, MI
North Pier Lighthouse - A lone fisherman enjoys his sport at the lighthouse pier in Menominee, MI

Rainbow - A partial rainbow along US-41 near Peshtigo, WI
Sunset on the Menominee River looking up river from the Menekaunee (Ogden Street) Bridge in Marinette, WI
Jets At Sunset - Two jets head into the sunset over the Menominee River
Another Sunset - A May sunset over the Menominee River
Soo Sunset - A spectacular sunset over the St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Lighted Fountain - at the Soo Locks Park in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Moon in May over my backyard in Menominee, MI
Moon over the bay of Green Bay in Menominee, MI
Low Water Level - This April 2000 view shows how low the water was in the bay of Green Bay, which is part of Lake Michigan
More Low Water Levels - ...this one at the Little River boat launch in Marinette, WI in April 2000 ... yes, there is usually enough water to launch boats here!!

New Photos Added January 13, 2005 (Some are from other pages on the site)

Amphicar - Land or water, you are in control...
Coast Guard Station - At Lake Michigan entrance to Sturgeon Bay (WI) Ship Canal
Cute Reminder - painted on an outbuilding at Sturgeon Bay, WI Coast Guard Station
Sherwood Point - Lighthouse on the Green Bay side of Sturgeon Bay was built in 1882
Bald Eagle - perched in a tree along the Sturgeon Bay (WI) Ship Canal

Scale Models of Ore Docks & Ships (the first 5 photos are of models built out of brass by Don Steffen):

Model Ore Dock 1 - HO-scale model of old Escanaba, MI ore dock
Model Ore Dock 2 - another view - Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI display
Model Ore Dock 3 - overhead view of this spectacular model
Model Ship - Steelton - Mr. Steffen also scratch-built this HO scale model of the Steelton
Model Ship - Steelton - the model ship also has fully detailed interior! (even though you can't see it)

2 More Ship Models - Also at the museum, models of the Edward L. Ryerson and American Republic
Another view of the 2 Models - American Republic & Edward L. Ryerson models at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum
William A. Reiss & a Passenger Ship - Two more models at the museum
Great Lakes Freighter - Yet another model at the Manitowoc museum

Belle River - Almost 16-ft.-long model of the 1000-footer Belle River inside the Valley Camp Museum Ship in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Belle River - Stern view of the same model

International Bridge - separates Sault Ste. Marie, MI & Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Administration Bldg. - Operations center for the American Soo Locks
Lighted Fountain - at the east end of the Soo Locks park grounds
Soo Sunset - taken from park east of Edison Soo building in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

New Marinette Fuel & Dock sign - Located at entrance to dock in Marinette, WI
Logging Museum - Located on Stephenson Island in Marinette, WI
Menominee Sunset - Sunset on the Menominee River
Another Menominee Sunset - sunset on upper Menominee River
4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - "Pacific" class locomotive on display at Gladstone, MI along US-2
4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - close-up of the engine at Gladstone, MI - built in 1911

4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - close-up of the tender where coal and water were carried
4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - another view from toward the front
4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - close-up view of the engine from the opposite side
4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - Presentation plate from Soo Line Railroad
4-6-2 Steam Locomotive - Detail plate - this engine logged 3,612,000 miles in its lifetime!

Peshtigo Reef Lighthouse - Work began on this lighthouse, located off Peshtigo Point 3-miles from the entrance to the Peshtigo River, in 1934 and was completed in 1936. It was originally serviced by lighthouse keepers from Sherwood Point in Sturgeon Bay, WI; but was later automated by laying an underwater power cable.

Swan - This bird showed up in the Menominee River above the first dam in late October 2001.
Swan - Found on Menominee River on March 6, 2002.
Swan - Back on the Menominee River on Jan. 18, 2003.
Swan - ...And back again on the Menominee River on Dec. 26, 2003.
Swan - Another view on Menominee River on Dec. 26, 2003.
Swan - ...and another on Menominee River on Dec. 27, 2003.

Swan - ...and one more on Menominee River on Dec. 27, 2003.
Swan ...Back on the Menominee River for another winter on Dec. 14, 2004.
5 Egrets - At Red Arrow Park Boat Launch area on Sept. 29, 2003
Chappee Rapids - Historical Marker along the Menominee River outside of Menominee, MI
Cormorants - These voracious diving birds have invaded the Menominee River...

More cormorants - ...and the bay of Green Bay also; this is just part of a flock of about 200!
Common Mergansers - (at least the six in the middle "row" of the photo) ... and other species, too
Tern - (This photo is not "original, it is put together from two photos for effect; the smaller image was imported from another photo.) I love this shot. The "original" photo was of the larger (closer) tern shot at full zoom.
Tern - Here is the "original photo" that the smaller image in the last photo was taken from.
Tern - These birds will be flying 20-30 feet in the air and then, when they spot food, will dive absolutely vertical into the water.

Great Blue Heron - These birds are usually found in the marshes; this one alighted on our marina.
Egret - These wading birds are also usually found along marshes; shown here at the base of a bridge at our marina.
Egret - Close-up with its neck tucked in.
Sandhill Crane - This one wasn't along a waterway, but out in a field in Menominee County.
Pelican - Found on the Fox River in Green Bay, WI on July 15, 2004

2005 Photos:

Former DAR Boys & Girls Club Building Burns in Early Morning Fire

An early morning fire on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 destroyed the building that formerly housed the DAR Boys & Girls Club in Menominee, MI. The building, built in 1886, began its existence as a three-room schoolhouse and in 1915 became the property of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Boys Club, one of the oldest affiliates of Boys Clubs of America in the country. After serving the community in that capacity for almost 90 years, the DAR Boys & Girls Club moved into its new facility, the former Roosevelt School in Menominee. The old building was sold to a private concern, and was undergoing remodeling at the time of the fire.

Personally, this is a very sad day for me. My Father, who was born in 1906, went to school in that building and later attended the Boys Club as a member in its early days. I was a member in the 1950's; and then, from the Fall of 1970 until the Spring of 1997, I spent many hundreds of hour as a volunteer staff worker in that building. The building has a rich history in the community. Many thousands of our children have passed through its doors over the years; and, though the building was old when I began my volunteer "work" (believe me - it was a lot more fun than work) there, it was very well utilized and maintained. It just won't be the same without that historic building there to remind us of what was definitely part of our heritage.

Swan & Goose - I found an old friend today ... "our" swan was found in the lower Menominee River. This is the latest in the year that I have seen it, and the first time it has been this far down-river.
Swan - A nice pose on Mother's Day (May 8)
Birdwatching while boatwatching - A swan and a goose pose in front of the Virginiaborg on May 8
Egret - This is the first egret I have seen this year. It was off Harbor Town Marina in Marinette on May 9, 2005.
Egret - A closer view of an egret on May 11.

Tern - A very acrobatic bird to watch; these birds will fly over water, spot something from 30-40 feet in the air and then plummet straight down into the water to nab its prey! This one was seen on May 11, and is the first one I have seen here this year.
Tern - Getting ready to take a dive
Tern - Searching for a snack at Red Arrow Park Boat Launch on May 16, 2005
Tern - A pair of terns rest on the parking lot the same day
Deer - This deer is one of three we spotted near Red Arrow Park on May 27.

Deer - Here are the other two.
Deer - Looking right at me
Deer - Two of the deer in the wooods with ears straight up
Great Blue Heron - On the Marinette side of the Menominee River between the Hattie Street Bridge and the dam on June 16, 2005
Egret - An egret is seen between parts of a new retaining wall on the Interstate Bridge Project on June 21

Egret - Close-up of the egret near the Interstate Bridge
Great Blue Heron - In flight near Stephenson Island on June 26, 2005
Great Blue Heron - Standing on the northeast side of Stephenson Island
Rock Sculpture - Found at Henes Park on July 19, 2005
Beautiful Sunset - Looking west (up-river) at the Menominee River from the Ogden Street Bridge

Rock Sculpture - More art at Henes Park on Sept. 5, 2005
Eagle - Flying high over Menominee on Oct. 25, 2005
Swan - Our swan "Homer" came back to Menominee for another winter somewhere around Dec. 29, 2005. Hurray!!!
Swan - This is the first time I have seen it this winter; and believe me I have been looking!
Swan - Close-up of this magnificent bird
Swan - Look at the size of my favorite bird standing on the ice

2006 Photos:

Swan - A beautiful shot of my favorite bird (from about 25-feet away)
Swan - Homer says, "Helllooooo, Dick!" :O)
Swan - A rather "classic" swan pose
Swan - Finally! Blue skies (and water), sun and my favorite bird!!!
Swan - A nice close-up of an old friend

Winter Wonderland - Snow clings heavily to trees and brush on Jan. 30
Winter Wonderland - A winter landscape
Winter Wonderland - Fir trees are heavily laden (and beautiful) with the new snow
Winter Wonderland - A single snow-laden tree across the road from NWTC in Marinette, WI

Eagle - Finally! A good close-up photo of one of the eagles that frequent the Lower Menominee river! What a majestic bird!
Eagle - This view is cropped from the previous photo and enhanced with a photo-editing program.
Duck - This is a cropped and photo-edited photo of a mallard taken in Marinette, WI a couple years ago. (The duck is original, just the background is modified ... there was a boat ramp in the original photo)
Egrets - Spring must be here, our Egrets have returned! Here, two of them fly into the sun on April 5, 2006.
Egret & Gulls - Rest on the dock at Red Arrow Park boat launch on April 7, 2006

Egret - Check out the neck on this one
3 Egrets - Check out the leg on the middle bird
Egret - Looking for a meal
4 Egrets - At Red Arrow Boat Launch
4 Egrets - As night falls, the 4 of them are still there

Egret - Sentry duty???
Blue Herons - The herons have also returned to Marinette on April 7, 2006 (along with gulls, ducks and geese).
Blue Herons - A few more herons in a different part of the lagoon at Red Arrow Boat Launch
Snowy Owl - A beautiful surprise awaited me when I went chasing a ship today, this bird along the shores of Green Bay off Menominee!
Snowy Owl - Still hanging around the shores by the lighthouse on April 11

Snowy Owl - Keeping an eye on me
Snowy Owl - ... and now with the other eye
Snowy Owl - "Oh! Hello!!" ... Both eyes are wide open now
Snowy Owl - No, I didn't get quite this close! This is a "cropped" version of the previous photo.
Snowy Owl - After flying to a new location ... I think it got tired of posing for me :O)

Tern - As of April 22, 2006 our Arctic Terns are back!
Tern - An older friend and I went down to watch them today ...
Tern - We spent about a half hour just watching them ...
Tern - They really put on quite an aerial show ...
Tern - And they are a real challenge to try to catch on camera ...

Tern - Especially at full 14X Optical Zoom (about 525mm in a 35mm camera) - Hand-held ... NO tripod!!!
Tern - This photo ended up with a "blotchy" sky because of a small (23KB) file size, but a great close-up of the bird, so I cleaned up the sky a bit ... yes, the sky was actually this shade of blue (I didn't alter that)!
Tern - Check out the fish in this one's mouth
Tern - A higher quality photo on an overcast day
Tern - Wings spread against a beautiful blue sky

Tern - Framed against a partly cloudy sky
Tern - In flight over Red Arrow Beach in Marinette, WI on May 6, 2006
Tern - Same tern, another view
Family of Ducks - Found swimming near the Sixth Avenue Boat Launch in Marinette, WI on May 22, 2006.
Goose Family - I hope all of these "kids" don't belong to just the pair in the photo!

Egret - At Sixth Avenue Boat Launch in Marinette
Egret - A little different lighting conditions the same day.
Egret - In flight over Sixth Avenue Boat Launch in Marinette, WI on June 5, 2006
Egret - This is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen (taken June 7, 2006 in Marinette, WI)
Egret - Found behind the library in Marinette on June 14 - look at the length of the beak

AFLAC Duck - This white duck was found with a flock of other ducks on the Menominee River on July 12, 2006
Ducks - Dinner time ... or are they trying to tell me something? - LOL
Ducks - Another view swimming up-river
Egret - Coming in for a landing on the Menominee River on July, 12, 2006
White Duck - Chowing down on Aug. 12, 2006

White Duck - As I was photographing a ship at KK Integrated Logistics (Formerly K&K Warehousing) on Aug. 18, 2006 look who showed up from under the dock
Swan - An old friend arrived in town recently; our swan returned for its sixth straight winter on Dec. 22, 2006.
Swan - Welcome back old friend!! Notice how it dwarfs the Canadian Geese in the foreground!

2007 Photos:

Swan - Taken on a cold (near zero), blue-sky Feb. 2 day (I love this photo)
Eagle - In a tree on the Menominee River on Feb. 4

Swan - "Hi, Dick! Beautiful day, but I'm kind of tired..." (Photo: Feb. 7, 2007)
Swan - Sweet dreams, old friend!
Tern - Spring is here, the terns have come back (Photo: April 27, 2007)
Blue Heron - At Red Arrow Park Boat Launch on May 2, 2007 WITH a large fish jumping between a cormorant (left) and a goose!
Blue Heron - Another view of the heron

Blue Herons - A second heron flies over as the other one takes off
Ogden Street Bridge - Overhead view of the bridge known locally as the "Menekaunee" Bridge
Egret - The egrets have been back in Menominee/Marinette for several weeks now and I finally got one in my viewfinder on May 17, 2007
5 Cormorants - Sitting atop a tree along the Menominee River on May 20, 2007
Cormorant - Fanning its wings atop the tree

2 Egrets - One comes in for a landing while another watches on June 5, 2007 in the Menekaunee harbor
Egret - Looking for a meal on June 5, 2007
Egret in flight - Flying over Marinette Fuel & Dock Co. on June 5, 2007
Family of Geese - 2 adults and 6 young geese in the Menominee River on June 13, 2007
New dock at Waupaca Foundry - Landscaping has been added along the Menominee River on the foundry property

Egret & Geese - An egret takes a leisurely stroll in front of a family of geese on the Menominee River on July 26, 2007
Pelican Patrol - Three pelicans claim their territory on the Fox River in Green Bay, WI on Aug. 5
Pelican - Close-up of one of the birds
Gold Finches - 2 Gold Finches frolic near the 6th Avenue Boat Launch in Marinette, WI on Aug. 6
Gold Finch - Close-up of one of the small, but pretty birds

Egrets - On Aug. 30 I found 12 egrets along County T in Marinette County; here are 10 of them
Egrets - 6 of the birds in the front part of the large pond
Egrets - 6 more in the back part of the pond
Egrets - Close-up of a pair of these beautiful birds
Egret - This wading bird was found behind Stephenson Public Library in Marinette on Sept. 1

White Duck - This good sized duck was also found behind the library on the same day
Sand Point Lighthouse - The lighthouse is now a museum in Escanaba, MI (photo from Sept. 12)
Low Water! - Looking up the Menominee River between Stephenson Library parking lot and Stephenson Island on Sept. 16
River Park Campground - Wide view of a popular place to camp along the Menominee River in the city of Menominee, MI (Sept. 17)
River Park Campground - Close-up of a pavillion and some of the wooden decks with a great view of the river

Egret - Gets ready to fly away from the Menominee River on Sept. 17
Deer - Walking in the woods (still spotted) along Cleveland Avenue in Marinette on Sept. 9
Deer - Another young deer joins the party
Deer - Another view of the first deer
Deer - ... and the second one

Deer - The first deer checks me out as the other feeds
Deer - Both deer grazing in the grass
Deer - The second deer checks on me as the other feeds
Deer - I think this one is tired of "posing"
Deer - Both ears straight up and attentive

Ducks - A flock of ducks in the snow at the Sixth Avenue Boat Launch in Marinette on Dec. 17
Ducks - Close-up of some of the flock

2008 Photos:

Ice Shove - The ice is breaking up in the bay of Green Bay and piling up in places (Photo: April 9 Red Arrow Park).

2 Mute Swans - Found these two beautiful birds at the Red Arrow Boat Launch in Marinette, WI on Sunday, April 13
2 Mute Swans - After "Homer" was killed, I wondered if I would ever see any of these gorgeous birds around here again
2 Mute Swans - I hope the Wisconsin DNR doesn't come and kill these birds!!
Mute Swan - Close-up of one of these magnificent birds
Mute Swan - One more close-up ... DNR - STAY AWAY!!

Egret - Monday, April 14, No swans today at Red Arrow Boat Launch; just this beautiful egret
Egret - Close-up of our first egret of the season (its been around for almost 2 weeks, just couldn't catch it on film before now)
Blue Heron - ... and later that evening, this fine bird showed up almost in the same place where the egret was earlier
Blue Heron - A more classic Blue Heron pose
Blue Heron - Another heron across the river from the Mystery Ship Boat Launch in Menominee the same evening

Blue Heron - ... and a second one was also there (there were others that were out of camera range)
Egret - Another egret at Red Arrow Park on April 16 standing on the dock
3 Egrets - At Red Arrow Park Boat Launch in Marinette, WI on April 18
3 Egrets - "Hey! what's going on over there?" (LOL)

Turkeys - 1 Tom and 9 hens in Marinette on May 2 ... I think he likes those odds {GRIN}
Turkeys - The Tom struts his stuff in front of the females
2 Turkeys - I wonder if she is interested? ... Whataya say, babe?
Tom Turkey - Side profile
Egret - Stalking dinner (in a great setting) at Red Arrow Park Boat Launch on May 8

Terns - The first terns I have seen this year were in front of Schloegel's Restaurant in Menominee (on the bay of Green Bay) on May 7
Terns - Close-up of these beautiful water birds
Pelicans - These birds were far away from the boat launch at Red Arrow Park on June 15 (shot at 91X Zoom handheld!)
Pelicans - These pelicans were shot at 18X Optical Zoom and then cropped from a larger photo

Sunset - Sunset over downtown Menominee from the lighthouse pier on June 15
Sunset - A wide angle look a little later on

Egret - In flight over the water near the Stephenson Public Library in Marinette, WI on Aug. 8
Egret - Taking a "stab" at lunch
Egret - I just liked the lighting in this photo
Egret - The bird just took another try at lunch
Egret - Close-up of a beautiful bird

3 Gold Finches - At the 6th Street Slip Boat Launch in Marinette, WI on Aug. 13
3 White Ducks - In beautiful deep-blue-colored water behind Stephenson Public Library in Marinette, WI on Aug. 13
3 White Ducks - The same three ducks in a group
Gold Finch - On Aug. 15 this little bird wades into the water at the Sixth Street Slip Boat Launch in Marinette, WI

Menominee River sunset - A beautiful red sunset greeted me at Riverside Cemetery on Aug. 17
Menominee River sunset - Another view
Menominee River sunset - A jet streaks through the reddened sky
Pelican - This bird was on patrol at the Metro Boat Launch in Green Bay, WI on Aug. 24. Talk about a "territorial" bird! It chased away any bird that landed within about 100-feet of it!

3 White Ducks - Looking for chow behind the Stephenson Public Library in Marinette, WI on Nov. 28
3 White Ducks - Looks like they found it ... bottoms up!!

2009 Photos:

Lake Sturgeon - A good-sized fish swimming in the Menominee River along Government Pier in Marinette on April 12
Tern - I saw my first tern of 2009 at Red Arrow Park Boat Launch on a beautiful April 24 afternoon
Tern - Another tern at Red Arrow Park Boat Launch area on April 29 (what beautiful birds!)
Tern - Flying low at Red Arrow Park in front of a flock of ducks on May 1
Egret - The first I have photographed this year was found at Red Arrow Park on May 1

Egrets Nests - (May 1) Super close-up: check out the number of egrets in the trees!!
Egrets Nests - On the large island east of Stephenson Island (shot from Mystery Ship Boat Launch in Menominee on May 3)
Tern - This tern was standing on the parking lot at Red Arrow Park Boat Launch on May 2
Tern - I drove to within about 30-ft. of it, and it never moved; it just kept an eye on me and "yelled" at me
Tern - Another tern was flying in the area

Pair of Terns - Both terns on the gound in the parking lot
Pair of Terns - Check out the length of the bill on the bird to the left
Pair of Terns - "Why is that guy taking pictures of us? Do we get any royalties from this?" - LOL
Cormorants - Unfortunately they are back in force this year; you can hardly be along the river or bay without seeing them!
Blue Heron - The first blue heron to cross my viewfinder in 2009 was on May 3 near Waupaca Foundry in Marinette, WI
Blue Heron - Cropped photo to give you a close-up of this magnificent bird

Menominee Fire Dept. - Testing out their equipment at the marina on May 12 (impressive)
Menominee Fire Dept. - Another view as they shut down the water supply
Menominee Fire Dept. - Letting it fly!!
Menominee Fire Dept. - Wide view shows how far the water shoots out into the bay
Pelicans - Two (of a flock of 6) pelicans which were found in the bay of Green Bay near the Menominee Marina on May 13 (the first pelicans I have seen this year)

Egret - Looking for an evening snack near River Park Campground on June 5
Egret - ... GOT ONE!! ... Down the hatch!
Egret - Perched on a log near Harbor Town Marina in Marinette
Egret - Close-up

Vietnam Moving Wall in Marinette from July 2 - July 6

Grounds - A view of the scene on July 5 - information booths were set up with computers and volunteers to take visitors to the section of wall where a loved one or friend has their named engraved
Wall - The wall stretched from the white flag at the left of the photo to the tent at the back/right
Wall - The names etched on the wall began here
Wall - This is about the middle of the wall
Wall - The far end of the wall

Ron Phelps Memorial - Ron was a high school (Menominee High School - Class of 1965) classmate of mine who was killed in Vietnam when his helicopter was shot down. Family members built a scale model of the helicopter in which he perished. Several other classmates were also killed in that conflict.
Name on Wall - Ronald J. Phelps in about the middle of the photo. Rest In Peace, my friend!

Beautiful Sunset - After a rain and wind storm on Aug. 14 at Riverside Cemetery in Menominee
Downed Tree - This huge branch, also at the cemetery, snapped off the tree during heavy winds
Tree - The tree was pretty well rotted out, and you can see right through a knothole in it

Marinette Water Dept. - A dredge is working in the bay off Tourist Park in Menominee on Aug. 13 ...
Marinette Water Dept. - ... This is the area of the bay where the main intake is for the Marinette Water Dept.
Marinette Water Dept. - In these 4 photos you can see that they are simply removing sand (and an ocassional timber) ...
Marinette Water Dept. - From one spot ... and dumping it back into the bay just a few yards away.

Marinette Water Dept. - A view of the project going on at the Water Dept. plant along Water Street in Marinette
Marinette Water Dept. - Here they are de-watering the ground before laying the new water main
Marinette Water Dept. - Close-up of the project out toward the Menominee River from Water Street in Marinette
Marinette Water Dept. - Yard full of water pipes and other parts for the project

Marinette Water Dept. - The new water line has been laid with the black pipes shown in the previous photo (photo Sept. 7)
Marinette Water Dept. - An old railroad line was torn up in the process (looking west)
Marinette Water Dept. - A view of the line that at one time went to Marinette Box Shop
Marinette Water Dept. - Looking back from the water main junction toward Water Street
Marinette Water Dept. - Looking from the junction out toward the Menominee River where the intake line is

Marinette Water Project - Work continues on Sept. 18 at the intake plant on Harbor Drive in Menominee, MI
Marinette Water Project - Close-up of the junction of the water pipes near the bay of Green Bay
Marinette Water Project - Parts for the project stored across Harbor Drive
Marinette Water Project - Close-up of a stack of (about) 24-inch I.D. water pipes for the project
Marinette Water Project - Twin water intakes across Harbor Drive

Marinette Water Project - The tug and barge were out in the bay working on the water intake on Sept. 23
Marinette Water Project - Menawhile, First Street in Menominee was dug up for the twin water mains that will eventually cross under the Menominee River
Marinette Water Project - A view looking west/southwest at the project from Harbor Drive

2 White Ducks - Photographed near Stephenson Public Library in Marinette on Sept. 8
2 White Ducks - Hmmm ... any food around here?
2 White Ducks - Side by side against a dark blue water backdrop
Egret - There was also another bird in the area of the two ducks

Menominee Gets Rocked By An Early October Storm on Oct. 2

Marina - Great Lakes Memorial Marina in Menominee gets pounded by huge waves
Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more

Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more
Marina - ... more

Snowy Owl - Driving along Riverside Avenue in Marinette (above the dam) I came across this beautiful white owl on Nov. 22
Snowy Owl - When I saw his wing spread out, I thought perhaps it was injured
Snowy Owl - It was very watchful, and crows kept harassing it. When it flew away, I saw it was carrying a decent sized fish in its claws; that was the reason for the spread wing - to hide the fish (unfortunately I was out of position to get that photo)
Snowy Owl - Close-up just before it flew away
Snowy Owl - It landed near a tree in a yard across from the river
Snowy Owl - Coming back from Pine Tree Mall about a half hour later, it was still there along the Menominee River. Here it appears that the owl has taken a bite of its fish. It flew away a little later with crows and seagulls chasing it ... survival of the fittest!

Swan Lake on Nov. 24

A migrating flock of Tundra Swans has been seen on the bay of Green Bay along Bay Shore Street in Marinette, WI for the past few days.
Click Here to view a gallery of 29 photos of a flock of at least 60 of these magnificent birds.

2 Tundra Swans - Cropped from a photo to give you a close-up view of the birds (the yellow "teardrop" in the lower part of the eye is what separates the Tundra Swan from its near-look-alike (but larger) Trumpeter Swan)
Tundra Swans - After disappearing on Wednesday (Nov. 25), they were back again on Thanksgiving Day
Tundra Swans - Close-up - notice the difference in neck and bill colors (From what I understand the darker necked ones with colored beaks are juveniles)

Tundra Swans - Nov. 27 and a nicer day finds seagulls on the beach and swans in the water and flying
Tundra Swans - Two adults and a juvenile swimming
Tundra Swans - Some swimming and others (with tails up) are feeding
Tundra Swans - This photo and the next three show (most of) the extent of the flock
Tundra Swans - ... the next in sequence

Tundra Swans - ... and more
Tundra Swans - ... and the final part of a flock of nearly 200 Tundra Swans!!
Tundra Swans - A nice, serene setting
Tundra Swans - A couple of geese swim behind a few swans

2010 Photos:

Eagle - Found atop a tree alongside Riverside Avenue in Marinette on Feb. 12.

Tundra Swans - 3 swimming & 1 flying out along Bay Shore Street in Marinette, WI on April 9
Tundra Swans - 4 swimming (see above {Nov. 2009} for more photos of these birds)
Tundra Swans - Close-up of 2 (it looks as if the one with the dark head is just coming out of its "juvenile" state {adult's plumage is almost pure white})
Tundra Swans - These 6 were all that I saw today; more could be coming in shortly. These birds are migrating back up north, and the area known locally as "The Flats" is a stopping off point for them as they head back to the "High Arctic" in Alaska.
3 Ducks - One white duck and two mallards in deep blue water near the Stephenson Public Library in Marinette on April 11.

Tundra Swans - 3 more Tundra Swans showed up in Marinette on April 13
Tundra Swans - Closer view of these birds (cropped from the previous photo)

Tundra Swans - There were 5 more Tundra Swans in the area of Marinette known locally as "The Flats" on April 16
Tundra Swans - Close-up of 4 of them swimming away from me
Egrets - These four were part of about a dozen just down the shoreline from the Tundra Swans

Tern - Also on April 16, our Terns have returned (this first photo is a bit fuzzy, but decent ... I am using my Fuji S8000fd at full 18X optical zoom and using the auto focus setting. Try to zoom in on a fast moving, and darting, object! When I do get a good photo, I feel very lucky. I just love the challenge of catching one of these beautiful birds in flight!)
Tern - A view as one flies overhead
Tern - This might be the best of the bunch from today
Tern - I spent over an hour on April 19 photographing the terns, this photo is mostly original ... It was a beautiful shot, but I missed the top part of the wing, so I did something I don't usually do for photos I post on this site, I photo-edited the missing wing-tip. I hope you like the photo
Tern - ... and a "full body" photo on April 20 that wasn't edited (except to crop the photo)

Tern - Ahhh! Lunch!! This tern will be well fed today!
Egret - On April 23, the egrets have returned to nest on the island in Marinette across from Marinette Marine
Egret - A blue heron has also taken up nesting residence along with the egrets
Egret - As an egret prepares to land in the treetop, a blue heron flies beneath it
White Duck - Found behind the Marinette Library on April 25 (white duck/dark water)

White Duck - A darker colored duck joins the party
White Duck - On April 29, this black duck joins in
Black Duck - Close-up of the duck which also sports a black bill
Black Duck - Looking right at me (is that a drop of water on its bill, or is it sticking its tongue out at me?) LOL
Black Duck - Note the greenish sheen to the feathers on its back

2 Pelicans - Swimming offshore from Tourist Park (Fat Ladies) Beach in Menominee on April 29
Pelican - One takes off (I am not sure if that is a growth on the side of its beak, or if it has something in its mouth
7 Pelicans - Flying in "formation" later in the hazy late afternoon/early evening hours off Government Pier in Marinette
7 Pelicans - A bit further away and a bit closer to landing in the bay of Green Bay

Ducks - 5 different kinds of ducks
3 Ducks - White, (standard) Mallard and (black) Mallard
3 Ducks - Back view of (black) Mallard, (standard) Mallard, and a light-brown colored duck
(Black) Mallard - Close-up back-view, notice the dark back feathers compared to the one in the next photo
(Standard) Mallard - This is a typical-colored duck

Pelicans - Part of a flock of nearly 30 pelicans at Red Arrow Boat Launch shortly after 7 a.m. on May 11
Pelicans - 21 pelicans and an egret
Pelicans - A smaller group of four on the opposite side of the lagoon
Pelicans - 14 pelicans with 7 egrets and a duck
Pelicans - 5 pelicans, 8 egrets and a (well camoflaged) great blue heron (between the second [from left] and third egrets)

Sandy Hills Ostrich Ranch - A male (R) and female (L) ostrich peer out at me on July 21
Ostrich - The male of a pair of Ostriches found just outside the city of Marinette, WI on July 15
Ostrich - ... and the female
Ostrich - It seems the male is just as curious about me as I am about him!

Sunset - A gorgeous view along the Menominee River on the west side of Riverside Cemetery on July 25
Sunset - Another view as the red/orange sun peeks out from beneath a cloud
Egret - A beautiful bird found alongside Riverside Avenue in Marinette on Aug. 13
Sunset - The old carferry, Viking I, with a stunning sunset on Sept. 1 (from Ogden Street Menekaunee) Bridge)
Sunset - Same setting from a different vantage point on the bridge
Sunset - Silhouette of the old Ansul Dock & Marinette Marine from the bridge

Blue Heron - Sitting on a piling at the edge of the Basic Marine boat slip (near the Ogden (Menekaunee) Street Bridge) on Sept. 5
Blue Heron - Peering down into the water looking for a snack(?)
Blue Heron - Side profile close-up with its head tucked in

Hattie Street Dam - Three-plus gates are open on Sept. 27 after a heavy rainfall a couple days ago
Hattie Street Dam - Wide view of the dam area from the Hattie Street Bridge
Hattie Street Dam - A closer view from the bridge (note that some fall colors are creeping in)
Hattie Street Dam - North American Hydro project sign on the Marinette side near the dam
Hattie Street Dam - Map of the area (also on the Marinette side near the dam)

Model Sailboat Race - A group of enthusiasts doing there thing at Harbor Town Marine in Menekaunee Harbor on Sept. 28
Model Sailboat Race - Another view
Model Sailboat Race - Buoys are set up to race around ... just like the real thing
Menominee Fire Dept. - Taking advantage of a nice day to test their equipment at Marinette Fuel & Dock on Sept. 28
Menominee Fire Dept. - Close-up as the water shoots almost as high as the flag pole at Marinette Fuel & Dock

A view from Menekaunee Harbor
Menominee Fire Dept. - Close-up of Menominee's big fire truck
Tundra Swans - A flock of geese mix with with a flock of Tundra Swans along Bay Shore Street in Marinette on Oct. 29
Tundra Swans - Part of a flock of around 50 Tundra Swans (the ones with dark heads are "juveniles")
Tundra Swans - Close-up view of 9 swans and a lone goose (I will be watching the flock and posting photos from time to time until they leave)

2011 Photos:

Ice Piles - This ice piled up near Menominee North Pier Lighthouse was formed by a huge storm on Dec. 11 & 12, 2010 (see the Menominee North Pier Lighthouse" page for photos of the lighthouse getting rocked by huge waves
Ice - Looking toward Menominee Great Lakes Memorial Marina from the road to the lighthouse
Ice - Same view, except this is zoomed in to the huge piles of ice near the marina
Ice - A view from the parking lot south of the swimming pier at the marina

Ice - Looking straight out the swimming pier from the west end of the pier
Ice - Looking toward the lighthouse from the swimming pier
Ice - Looking southwest along the shoreline from the swimming pier to the lighthouse
Ice - Piled up on the end of the swimming pier (looking in toward the marina's outer wall)

More Ice Shoves in Menominee

A huge winter storm hit Menominee, Michigan and Marinette, Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Along with over a foot of snow, winds gusting to over 40 mph piled snow high in both cities; hardest hit were areas along the bay of Green Bay in Menominee. The bay of Green Bay also piled up some impressive ice shoves; fortunately the ice piled up well offshore due to a line of earlier ice shoves left over from a Dec. 11 & 12, 2010 storm (see the Menominee North Pier Lighthouse page for photos of that storm.

Ice Shoves - Ice is piled up on the Menominee Great Lakes Memorial Marina's outer wall
Ice Svoves - This large shove is further out along the same outer wall
Ice Shoves - "If you build it they will come" .. an ice climber works his way to the top of the highest part of the shove
Ice Shoves - Looking south from the swimming pier which is at the south end of the marina
Ice Shoves - A wider view from the same spot shows the new ice shoves piled up against the ice shoves (brownish areas) from the December storm

Ice Shoves - A closer view with Menominee North Pier Lighthouse in the background
Ice Shoves - ... and a wider view
Raffle Prize - An old twin cities tradition has recently been resurrected. The "Car Plunk" is now sponsored as a fund raiser by the DAR Boys & Girls Club in Menominee. Tickets are sold, and the person who guesses the time closest to the time that the vehicle plunges through the ice is the grand prize winner (usually cash).
Ice Shoves - Looking north from the road to Menominee North Pier Lighthouse

More Ice Shoves - Up along M-35 north of Menominee are some more impressive ice shoves, this one is across the road from North Shore Golf Course
More Ice Shoves - The same area of ice shoves looking from north of the last area toward the south
More Ice Shoves - Close-up of the largest pile in the last photo
More Ice - A little further north along M-35 is this long line of ice shoves
More Ice Shoves - Close-up of the largest shove in the last photo

More Ice Shoves - Still further along M-35 (near Million Dollar Road) is this line of shoves
More Ice Shoves - Close-up of the larger shoves
More Ice Shoves - Close-up of the same shoves in the last photo from just a bit further south along M-35

Mud - A view looking north from the west end of the lighthouse pier on April 11, the day after the ice disappeared from the bay (most of this mud was pushed in by a huge storm in December of last year - see first photos from 2011 above)
Menominee North Pier Lighthouse - Looking down the pier from the range light halfway out the pier showing open water beyond the lighthouse
Broken ice - Looking northwest from the lighthouse shows brash ice and ice shoves still near the shoreline
Ice - Closer view of the ice shoves
Ice shoves - A view from the lighthouse of the area from the marina to the south end of the beach

Marina - Close-up from the lighthouse of the ice shoves at Great Lakes Memorial Marina
Ice - More ice shoves a little further south from last photo
Ice - Seagull Bar (south of Red Arrow Park in Marinette) shows more ice shoves
Ice - Green Island also shows a fair amount of ice piled up on its shores
Broken Ice Field - Looking west from the lighthouse down the pier

Ice and Mud - Looking north up the shore from about halfway out the lighthouse pier
Mud - A look at the shore and the lighthouse from the parking lot
Menominee North Pier Lighthouse - A nice view of the lighthouse on a crisp day

Marina - Menominee Great Lakes Memorial Marina gets rocked by April 15 storm
Marina - More waves
Marina - The ice shove is still visible at the marina as another wave hits
Marina - Afternoon, and the storm intensifies
Marina - Another bigger wave hits the marina

Marina - The swimming pier takes a big hit
Marina - As viewed from Tourist Park (Fat Ladies' Beach), the marina takes a hit in the morning
Algmomarine - This ship arrived around 4:30 a.m. and went to anchor during the storm

Click Here to see a 15 minute video that I posted on YouTube of that storm with the marina as the main attraction.

6 Egrets - The egrets have returned to Red Arrow Park Lagoon on April 18. Our local newspaper said that the pelicans and blue herons were also spotted here in the past few days
6 Egrets - One of the egrets takes to the air
4 Egrets - Close-up of these beautiful birds
3 Egrets - Super close-up of three egrets in the east end of the lagoon
Many Egrets - The egrets have also returned to their nesting grounds on the island across from the Mystery Ship Marina Boat Launch
Eagle - Oddly enough, an eagle is spotted on the island where the egrets are preparing to nest (last 2 photos taken at a distance)

Tundra Swans - A few of these swans have begun appearing in the bay of Green Bay along Bay Shore Street in Marinette on April 19
Tundra Swans - Close-up of 3 swans, these birds were last seen in November of last year on their migratory run down south; they are now returning
Egret & Blue Heron - Found at the boat launch at Red Arrow Park (also on April 19)
Blue Heron - Close-up of this majestic bird
Pelicans - Five of them (and 3 ducks) at Red Arrow Park lagoon

2 Birds - An egret and a pelican stand stoically as two seagulls buzz around them
Pelicans - 9 of them swim away as I photograph them
Birds galore - A lone pelican is surrounded by a flock of (swimming) ducks and a flock of egrets (just standing around)
More birds - Flocks of egrets, pelicans and ducks at Red Arrow Park lagoon with what looks like a blue heron flying in the distance
More Pelicans - 10 of them along with a seagull and 3 ducks

Pelicans & egrets - Over 20 egrets in foreground with a dozen pelicans in the distance at Red Arrow Park lagoon (still on April 19)
5 Pelicans & 5 Egrets - I forget, does 5 pelicans trump 5 egrets; or, is it the other way around {GRIN}
Tern - This is the first tern I have seen this year; I found it at Red Arrow Park on April 24 (a little fuzzy as it was a quick point and hope)
Tundra Swan - A lone swan, one of ten, found along Bay Shore Street in Marinette on April 25 (these birds never seem to be too close to shore)
Tundra Swan - A swan swims away while a goose feeds in the foreground
Tundra Swan - Surrounded by 4 ducks and a goose, the swan sounds off

Swan - Found in the middle of the Menominee River between the dams on May 13
Tern - Flying over the lagoon at Red Arrow Park on a blue-sky May 16 day looking for a meal
Tern - Another photo with trees as a backdrop
Green Island - The north end of Green Island is still showing ice on May 16!!
Pelicans - A flock of the birds in "V-formation" fly over Government Pier in Marinette on May 17

Pelicans - The formation breaks up as they continue to fly away from my position
Pelican - Close-up of one of the birds in flight
Pelicans - 3 birds wing-tip to wing-tip
Pelicans - The formation fly crossways to me
Swan - The swan between the dams in Marinette was closer to me on May 21; it looks kind of like a Mute Swan.

Mute Swan - I found our swan back in the Menominee River on May 27, and can say with 99% certainty that it is a Mute Swan
Mute Swan - This is a smaller-sized heavily cropped photo showing the hump on the beak that tells me it is a Mute Swan
Mute Swan - Boy! Does this swan bring back fond memories of Homer (see the "In Memoriam" near the top of this page). Homer was a constant figure in the lower Menominee River every winter from 2002 to 2006 until it was killed by the Wisconsin DNR in 2007.
Mute Swan - Strong winds gave our Mute Swan quite a ride on the Menominee River in between the dams on June 1
Mute Swan - Shown here in a trough between the waves!

A Delirious Duck With No Maternal Instincts!

As a friend of mine was taking care of some weeds for me between a curbing in the parking lot alongside my building and the building itself, he ran into something totally unexpected and gave me a call. He said that we had a problem. As he was spraying the weeds, he scared up a female mallard in that area that had been sitting on a nest with 9 eggs in it! He didn't hit the duck with the weed killer, so the duck was not harmed, and she quickly returned to the nest. I had pulled up some large weeds late last year and thrown them into that area. She had taken those dead weeds and built herself a little "lair" where she is nearly invisible, as she blends in perfectly with the dead vegetation. I went out to take some photos of her today, and was able to get within three feet of her without scaring her off! I don't know what caused this duck to nest here, as they almost always nest near water ... there isn't any water within a half mile from here! I don't know how she will raise her brood in this area; it is next to a parking lot next to US-41 with a blacktop alley behind in a fairly heavy traffic area. Good luck Mrs. Duck!!

Duck - Neatly camouflaged in the dead weeds ... can you spot her?
Duck - Even at 3-ft. she is still pretty well hidden!

Mute Swan - I finally lucked out an saw our Mute Swan swimming close to Riverside Avenue in Marinette on June 8!
Mute Swan - Another pose ... usually this beautiful bird is out in the middle of the river
Mute Swan - One more close-up on a beautiful day

Turtles - 3 Turtles enjoy the sun on June 9 at Menominee's Riverside Cemetery
Turtles - Close-up of the 3 turtles
Geese - I accidently chased this family of 5 geese into the water while filming a tug & barge at KK Integrated Logistics on June 16
Mute Swan - Standing in the middle of the river in between the dams on the Menominee River on June 30

Horse & Carriage - As part of Stephenson Island's "Logging Days" 4th of July celebration, this horse drawn carriage was seen along Riverside Drive in Marinette
Birds - An egret and a blue heron on the rocks about 100-ft. downstream from the Hattie Street Bridge
Egret - Close-up
Blue Heron - Close-up balancing on just one leg

Sunset - Menominee River Sunset over the train bridge as viewed from Stephenson Island's western end on July 22
Sunset - A wider angle as the sun has dropped below the bridge
Sunset - Close-up of the train bridge with a deep red/orange sunset as a backdrop
Sunset - Another wide angle shot with a beautifule red/orange sky
Sunset - Scenic view with trees in foreground, railroad bridge and sunset in background

Egret - Deep blue/black water makes a nice backdrop for this white bird near Stephenson Public Library in Marinette on July 25
Tundra Swans - The Tundra Swans returned to Marinette this past week. They will feed here for a week or two before continuing their flight to their winter home in the Carolinas. This photo was taken on Nov. 18
Tundra Swans - A flock of approximately 200 swans was seen on Nov. 18 along (the newly rebuilt) Bay Shore Street
Tundra Swans - The flock was separated into two separate groups; one was near Edwin Street, the other off Ogden Street
Tundra Swans - As you can see in this photo, ice has begun to build up along the shoreline

Tundra Swan - Close-up of one of these beautiful birds
Tundra Swans - Close up of 5 of the birds as they take flight
Tundra Swans - The birds with the darker heads and orange bills are juveniles. They will later acquire the white head/black bill characteristics of their elders.
Tundra Swans - The sky is full of flying swans
Tundra Swans - More swans down off Ogden Street

Tundra Swans - Two swans are standing a good distance offshore, while others swim along
Tundra Swans - More of the birds take flight in the distance
Tundra Swans - One last close-up of a group of these magnificent birds

2012 Photos:

Ice Shoves - The ice shoves on March 10 between Great Lakes Memorial Marina and Menominee North Pier Lighthouse are not as spectacular as last year
Ice Shoves - A closer look at the ice shoves along the bay of Green Bay in downtown Menominee
Ice Shoves - Along the road to the lighthouse, the shove look a bit more impressive with the lighthouse in the background
Ice Shoves - A look along the shoreline back toward the marina from the lighthouse pier
Ice Shoves - A closer look at the tallest shove (note the silt pushed up in the foreground)

Ice Shoves - ... and a closer look
Ice Shoves - A huge pile of ice shows on the south side of Government Pier in Marinette (as seen from the lighthouse pier)
Ice Shoves - A view of the shove along Government Pier from Red Arrow Park in Marinette
Ice Shoves - A view of the largest shove along Government Pier
Ice Shoves - A look at the smaller shoves out toward the end of Government Pier with the lighthouse in the background

- My first sighting of an egret came on March 31 in the (nesting area) island across from the Mystery Ship Boat Launch
- More egrets have arrived by April 5, this is the same island as in the previous photo except from the Marinette, WI side of the Menominee River
Pelicans - These are the first I have seen this year. They were far out in the lagoon at Red Arrow Park. I needed to use quite a bit of digital zoom so the photo is not as clear as it could be.

Carp - Carp spawning time is here again at the Red Arrow Park Lagoon on May 15 ...
Carp - ... they put on quite a show making a lot of noise as they splash around
Carp - A larger female is typically chased by several smaller males during the ritual
Carp - A couple carp splash around
Carp - A larger carp is covered in weeds as it surfaces
Carp - Close-up of the back of a large carp

Carp - On May 21 the mating frenzy continues at the lagoon
Carp - A pair of carp rise to the surface
Carp - More carp
Carp - The tail of a carp raises a huge splash
Carp - More carp
Carp - A bunch of carp splash around right in front of me!